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Saying "fuck slow scanlations/translations."I'm going to actually DO some translating this summer. I have four volumes of Rozen Maiden (second series) sitting next to me in Japanese, and while I vaguely remember the scanlations I read, given the manga reading sites have been giving me viruses every time I go lately, and I remember last year that no one translated this series for EIGHT MONTHS.

Oh, and there's a fifth volume out, which, Vol 4 was the end of the scanlations I read, so I really, really want to read that.

...And Kinokuniya is telling me that there's a novel and it's 230 pages and holy shit I need this like burning.

SO, summer goal, translate all five of the Rozen Maiden Tales volumes for my personal self. And then see if I can find some raws. Not Chinese raws. Because why were the raws for this series always in Chinese anyway?

Lolanyway. And then maybe I'll find/make a scanlation group to hang with. Because the translation of the last Pandora Hearts chapter REALLY IRKED ME and when me and my measly Japanese skills can get a more accurate translation of the last page with one kanji search and an educated guess... Well. Rozen first. Then we'll see how it goes.
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I forget where I met half my LJ friends.

I forget whose msn/tumblr/AIM goes with which LJperson.

In retrospect there's a lot more people I should friend but I'm a bloody lurker.

Terribad Nai is terribad.

Love you all, though :3
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Old fandoms? Why not.

So last summer there was a revival in the TWEWY (The World Ends With You, because I actually have people on my flist that haven't heard of this right now o-o) fandom as a summer thing, and I'm hoping something of the like happens again, because apparently this time of year I will always be into the TWEWY fandom? idek.

So anyway, in March the mods made some noise (/rimshot) about doing another one this year, but they haven't said anything about it since then. I PM'd one of them yesterday, and I'm giving them till the fifteenth (Friday - after the Big Bang insanity) to answer.

If they don't, then I guess I'll have to climb on board and do it myself. Damnit, why do I always wind up being the organizer for this shit?


I graduate high school on the sixteenth! Whoo. But also fuck. I don't wanna grow up~

My elderly cat, Pish Posh, has been having some health problems. She's been eating like a horse, but it seems like we've only just managed to keep her from losing any more weight. D: So worried, worry worry.

I noticed a lot of the KH section of my flist hasn't posted since like, February - what's up, guys? Did you just all die on me?

Need to finish that kink meme fill. Wish one of the two people who pinged my request would put up something, fff.
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Looks like it's time to dewatch all the main DGM comms again. FML Stupid huge-fandom pairing that gets way more attention than anything I actually like.
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So apparently the Wastebullshit Crapist Church (Westboro Bapist fucksmucks) are going to Slutwalk Seattle to spread their message of hate and troll.



If you're a local (which there's a fistful of you on the flist), I'm making a personal request for you to come out that day. Not because of anything I'm doing, but because what Slutwalk is saying is REALLY important, not just to me, but to every rape victim who's been told that if she did this, dressed like this, didn't go out with him, it wouldn't have happened. To everyone who's been told that since they weren't the absolute perfect demure little lady, they were asking for it, and to everyone who's been told "You could have stopped it if you just stood up for yourself" when they really, really can't.

So please go. Slut it up or don't. It's about choice, and the right to say "this is my body, I'll do what I want and keep your hands off."

PS. I know there's other Slutwalks around the nation goin' on, but I have no idea when for other cities. You should Google it yourself.
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(no subject)

Broke down. Got a Tumblr.

You all should look at it. And maybe follow me.

And then tell me who you are so I can follow you.

And then my page will be less despairingly empty.

Thinking about putting the comic there. It actually looks easier to manage than the webcomic sites. Supposedly there are sub blogs on this thing? Because that would be like, ideal, except that the archive setup might be a little hard to pull off.

But it would let me have comments on individual comic pages. And that makes me so happy.

Main blog will probably be used for short rants that I don't feel are worthy of LJing, though.

But anyway, yeah. Back to arting.
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Apparently, they're the best bang for your buck among small universities, too. And I'm in the Honors College, which means maintain a high GPA orzorz but I basically get a little suite instead of being crammed into a dorm room with some stranger. Fuck. Yes.

Which on a slightly related note, means I will 90% likely be attending NekoCon (in Virginia in... November?) and OhayoCon next year. Because I'll like, actually be in the same timezone.

Unrelated stuffs:

Since everyone wanted to see pictures of that Charlotte cosplayer with the Mami wig, I figured when this showed up in my inbox, I should just post it instead of trying to pin it to each and every comment.

Also, everyone who has a Facebook (and likes Pokemon) should go vote in this poll for me, since it'll help me decide what to sell at conventions in the future and you are like, helping me pay for my various anime addictions. I promise I won't stalk you (unless you ask nicely!), and if you could get anyone else convinced to vote, that'd be great. (lmao everyone knows who I am now)